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My Secret Skincare Solution to Retain Moisture!
  • Can expensive creams prevent dryness??
    If you have dry skin, and have difficulties applying make-up products in the morning and starts feeling dryness in the afternoon, he first thing you should do is to change the cleansing product you use in the morning!! ?
  • I feel my skin is dry every night after cleansing. Is there a moisturizing cleansing product?
  • Most cleansing products contain chemical surfactants to create rich foams. However, chemical surfactants destroy moisture barrier on skin and cause dryness and wrinkles. Thus, you shall use a quality product that can hydrate skin to prevent moisture loss and aging. Max Clinic Massage Oil Foam creates natural foam from oil to cleanse skin without irritating while preventing dryness. ??
What is natura foam?
  • Unlike chemical surfactants that cause damage on skin barrier and moisture loss, natural foam from red ginseng, yam, egg and soapberry protects moisture on skin.
  • My facial skin is dried out and turns red during the change of seasons. Is there a solution?
  • Pay more attention during skincare in the morning and evening, and change your cleansing product, which is the first product that touches your skin to something more hydrating.
    Max Clinic Massage Oil Foam does not contain harmful ingredients such as paraben, SLS/ALS, artificial color, silicon, mineral oil and benzophenone.
    Instead, it is made with jojoba oil, green tea seed oil and olive oil to provide skin with moisture and promote blood circulation. It is a safe product for all skin types including sensitive skin and irritated skin. ??
  • I use oil, cream, foam cleanser mask products and facial massage every day. Its exhausting.
    Is there a simple skincare solution?
  • Excessive cleansing can take away essential moisture and oil from skin to cause dryness and wrinkles.
    Max Clinic product can remove make up products, wastes and dead skin cells without irritating skin while caring for pores and providing skin with moisture together with a facial massage effect. ??
Moisture lock system
  • Max Clinics Moisture Lock System retain moisture and forms a moisture barrier on skin with naturally derived moisturizing ingredients to help maintain a healthy moisture level. ?